My 2015

2015 has been a year where my progress has continued in a “fairly average” fashion…

In all seriousness, this year I have completed my main aim for the year which was to complete a century ride. (More on that later in a different post).

In terms of my year though, looking back on it I feel reasonably satisfied. In all I have cycled 3881 miles, which is my most in  year to date! However, I am a bit gutted I did not reach 4000 miles for the year. This is going on the list of aims for 2016!


2015 Round Up
2015 Round Up (Ripped from Strava)

As you can tell from the stats I do rather like a climb! The climb that is listed as my “Biggest Climb” at 1,614 ft is Hartside which is on the C2C near Penrith in Cumbria.

Distance Matrix Edited
Weekly Distance 2015
Elevation Matrix Edited
Weekly Elevation 2015

Within 2015 I undertook 2 sportives, one of the Yorkshire Magnificent 7 Reliability Rides and a couple of “Cafe Bashes” hosted by the local bike shop/cycle cafe.

2 thoughts on “My 2015

    1. Thanks! Yes, you either go up or down in these parts. I had a look at your round up too and you certainly covered a lot of ground. It was very impressive. I think that’s what I’ll do next year; just aim for more. Yes, many more miles, I hope you have a good one 🙂


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