Cero AR24 Wheelset Review

Everyone says that upgrading your wheelset is the most cost effective upgrade. These wheels do not disappoint…

As a bit of a background for you all, I had recently upgraded my trusty Cube and the stock wheels on my Scott were own brand Syncros. These were not amazing and really deadened the ride so I had managed to negotiate an upgrade on these to Mavic Ksyriums (these were what was known as the Equipes in years gone by) for the extremely reasonable price of £125. The Ksyriums gave a far more feel and “get up and go-ness” to my new stead.

I had bought the Cero’s as a winter wheelset. However, curiosity, as they say, killed the cat and I decided to give them a test on the Addict. Once I put them on they have not been removed since.

So, the wheelset were ordered directly from Cycle Division (website below). As Cero are their in house brand you cannot purchase them from anywhere else. These procured for the princely sum of £185 and came with a free set of of Contintal Grand Sport 25c tyres and also a jersey.

All in all not bad for the price.

AR24 Wheels
AR24 Wheels

Having scoured many a forum and looked at many a cycling sales website. I had drawn one conclusion: wheelsets are a minefield and everyone’s opinions are different.

On the Cube I had a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites which were purchased from my LBS and were £460. I have had a love hate relationship with them insofar as: They are a good wheel…when running true. However, the rear wheel never seemed to stay true in in the second summer I had them.

I decided to go for the AR24’s due to a number of reasons; the main ones were price and weight.

So as mentioned, the price was £185, however, the weight is 1545g.

That’s right 1545g.

With these two important factors in mind I was eager to give them a try and see if there was any corners cut elsewhere to facilitate this price.

First impressions were very good, they came out of the box immaculately as you would expect. Cycle Division were also very prompt with delivery and they appeared at work prior to the expected delivery date. Within the package there are 3 spare spokes included and a spacer for 10 speed. Incidentally the spokes used on the wheels are DT Swiss competition spokes which are round rather than bladed so; in my opinion, do not look as “racy” as the Ksyriums. However, does round versus bladed make any difference? I don’t know but I suspect if they do it is negligible.

The more I used the wheels the more I grew to love the way they rolled. They really did roll fantastically and the freehub seemed to engage very efficiently.

Moving on from first impressions; i have put just over 1000 miles on this set which was done towards the end of summer onwards and coming back to them (the Summer Bike has been recently serviced) they were still true and spinning very nicely. The braking surface also shows very little signs of wear.

In conclusion; these wheels are very good wheels that provide real competition to the bigger (more expensive) players of the market. They are a strong, fast rolling set that are tough enough to take the pot holed roads of Yorkshire on training rides and light enough to be your race wheels.

In short: I’m very impressed.