2019 and Beyond

As you may have noticed my posts in 2019 were sporadic, at best!


2019 turned into a monster year in none cycling terms, in only the best possible ways. There were many weddings and many stag do’s, and many weekends away. All in all cycling took a back seat. I didn’t do any events but I did have some brilliant rides. There are two in particular that I will make separate posts about.

The year began in super low key fashion for me as I had a hernia repair in November 2018. This set me back a bit and I didn’t get on the turbo until late January let alone outside until February. Needless to say I wasn’t expecting much from the year.

My whole goal for 2019 was to do a century (miles) ride.

As mentioned there were many weekends away in Firenze, Paris and a week in Lisbon, along with the weddings and stag parties this was a year to rebuild.

Firenze Square
Firenze Piazza

Thankfully, in North Yorkshire the scenery is pretty damn good so when you are rebuilding and taking things a little bit steadier you are greeted by some killer views.

Like this from Lofthouse…

Lofthouse down…with Andy

Thanks to my cycling buddies I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger through the year in the build up to my century and I was feeling like I was getting back to where I was pre-surgery.

Kettlewell cycling
Kettlewell in the distance

Along with the century the only other thing I really wanted to do was cycle up Great Dunn Fell in Cumbria. Great Dunn Fell has a NATS service road to the top of the fell. It is known as the UK’s Mt Ventoux.

In other words: a must.

Last year Harrogate hosted the World Championships. Whilst the event was fantastic it was also possibly the wettest September on record (perhaps being over dramatic here) in Harrogate.

Town centre Crit
Worlds in Harrogate

The Men’s elite had to be cut short due to the rain and there were multiple crashes during the time trials due to the rivers running down the roads. The weather will have inevitably had an effect on the visitor numbers but there was still a good turn out; particularly on Men’s Elite day.

Men's U23 Final Corner - Final Lap
Men’s U23 Final Corner – Final Lap

I do have plans again for this year for something slightly bigger in terms of a cycling challenge but we’ll have to wait and see as to whether it comes off.

I will hopefully also be writing a little bit more in terms of reviews (as Christmas has come and gone I have a few more products to review) and also share some more rides.

Anyway, thanks for reading and ride on!

Scott Addict 15
Ripon Tarn in the Spring

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